Participant Expectations

    • On groomed runs, NO PASSING.  Give the downhill rider the right of way. Give everyone plenty of space to have blissful run. You are not allowed to pass till the downhill rider has pulled off to the edge of the groom or waves you past. 
    • As the downhill rider you are expected to pull off to the edge of the groomed when you need a break.
    • Tail gunning is permitted if all riders are in prior agreement.
    • Look up hill before starting down! Simple enough!
    • Turner Mtn is a solid blue square run mountain with some great black diamond on the north slopes and trees.  There is not good terrain for brand new snowboarders.  
    • The weather is typically 10F - 25 F but can be significantly warmer or colder.  Snow coverage this time of year is at its best.  
    • Turner will groom from sun down to sun up, as much as they possibly can, as smooth as they possibly can.  They are fully aware that this event depends on firm smooth grooming! No ski area in the world could have turned the snow we had last year into chalky corduroy over night.  
    • Bring a powder board!  If you were here last year you know why.  We had 2 back to back days with 15"+ new snow.  It was like cat or heliskiing with 80 of your friends! There will be demos and soft boot rentals if you need a board.
    • They are all volunteers and are amazing people! 
    • They are here because they love Turner Mountain. Many of them took time off their normal jobs to run the lifts, patrol and groom. 
    • If you have a problem please immediately get MCC Staff involved.
  • SNOWBOARD LEASH / RETENTION DEVICES are required at Turner. There is no room for debate with this.
  • DOGS Please leave your dogs at home. 
  • DRONES for filming or fun are not permitted by Turner Mountain. However, if properly planned with MCC Staff and mountain management, they may be approved. 
  • MODEL RELEASE FORM Expect to sign a Model Release Form for the event. They will be available when you pick up your ticket.   This will allow Montucky Clear CUT Staff, Turner Mountain and all participants and sponsors to have access to the photos.
    • Stay within Area Boundaries. It will be really tempting to dive off the south side of Turner below the Jeep trail and ride the powder down to Loon Lake... however you will not be rescued by Turner Mountain Ski Patrol once you leave the boundary. That falls back on to the County Search and Rescue and it will be a long while before they get to you.
  • ADULT BEVERAGES Turner Mtn does not have a license for them, however you are welcome to bring your own.
  • FYI In the US State of Montana, Cannabis is legal for medical uses, but has been illegal for recreational use since 1929.

Turner Mountain facilities

  • There is a very comfortable lodge at the base of the hill. Ski Patrol and Ski Shop are in the bottom of the building and the top level has a great cafeteria and rest rooms. Feel free to change into your gear in the lodge but DO NOT leave bags in the lodge.
  • Parking is all very close to the lift and lodge.
  • You will notice that all of the chair lift chairs and towers have names on them. People in the community of Libby and surrounding area all bought chairs and towers to fund the chair lift. You should all be grateful to not be riding the old T-Bar...however it was North Americas Longest T- Bar.
  • Cell Phones will stop working once you get about 5 miles out of Libby headed towards Turner.  Once you get to the Turner Lodge, there is very good WiFi and occasionally cell phone coverage at the base via a link.  On the top of the mountain you can occasionally get 1-2 bars of service.
  • NO ATM at Lodge!! The Ski Shop and Kitchen accept cards.  Cash will be needed to participate in Demos, Poker Runs and Raffles.

Turner Mountain Ski / Snowboard Shop

There is a Ski Shop in the lower level of the lodge. There is a wide variety of shirts, hats, stickers and accessories. There is a good selection of rental snowboards and a great selection of rental skis. Perry the owner has agreed to take time off from his regular job to have the shop open for us and to manage the Demo boards. Check out the sweet Turner Logo gear!

Demo Boards

Demo boards are for EVERYONE to try out. Please be very gently with them. Please use them for no more than 2 runs and return it. All demos must be back by 3pm daily. Demo boards will be available in the Ski Shop in the lower level of lodge. Demos will be $20 a day or $40 for the week.  Thirst, Donek, Alloy, Winterstick, Coiler, Exelgi, Ace Skwal, Rad-Air, and Stranda!

Poker Run

Monday and Tuesday Ski Patrol will be hosting a Poker Run. $5.00 a hand(play as many hands as you like). You will purchase your first card at the base lodge. You will collect a total of 5 cards (for each hand) through the day from the ski patrol shack at the top of the mountain. Once you have your 5 cards, seal the envelope and turn it in at the base lodge. The best hand will be awarded half of the pot collected. The all volunteer ski patrol will get the other half. Winner will be announced at the evening meet up place. 

Turns at Turner contest

This is a fun contest for riders of all abilities.  To win this contest, all you have to do is make the most amount of turns between two points (100-200 yards).  Judging will be by the LCI/Colorado Crew.  This event will be from 1:15 -2:15 Wednesday February 12.  Prizes awarded at Banquet.


Questions or Comments?