Event Expectations

  • Supporting Turner Mountain and the Community of Libby.
  • This is an Alpine Snowboard Carving centric event.  (friends and family of carvers welcome) 
  • Have a safe riding environment, wide open runs without the fear of being run over from behind “No Passing”.
  • Inclusivity! Carvers of all ability are invited to join us!  
  • Have a ton of fun, see old friends and make new friends.
  • Promote the Sport of Alpine Carving!


Montucky Clear CUT

  • Montucky  = Beautiful Northern West Montana
  • Clear = Clear slopes! Not many people(max of 125), just carvers and their friends/family.  No Passing (so you do not have to worry about getting hit from behind. We are renting the entire ski area, so this is a carver exclusive event, not open to general public
  • CUT = Carving Up Turner


February  10-13, 2020



  • 100% of registration dollars are going directly to Turner Mountain.  This event will help an all volunteer managed and operated ski hill stay alive. We are supporting an amazing group of dedicated volunteers!  http://montanian.com/top-stories/it-takes-a-village-to-move-turner-mountain/
  • If popularity of this event continues we can have this be an annual event independent of any vendors.  However, vendors are welcome to attend, donate and bring demos.
  • Turner Mountain will be laying down the corduroy for us!  But bring your powder board... when it dumps the glades are amazing!  Can you handle 2100 vertical feet of gladed powder runs?  
  • Low elevation 5952 feet above sea level at the top so you can breath even if you are from the coast!
  • Inexpensive lodging and food in Libby.
  • Meet old friends and make new ones! 
  • Even the worst parking spot will be less than 200 yards from the lift and day lodge.
  • This is the time and place to progress your riding. Clinics and lots of helpful and friendly folks to give tips and advise... if you ask! No competing traffic (No Passing Rule) so you get the time and space to do your thing! 

How to register

  • Stay tuned for Registration updates,
  • For lodging and local info Libby Chamber of Commerce
  • No camping/RVing in the Turner parking lot, but there is camping just down the road at the Pipe Creek/Loon Lake road junction complete with outhouse... unfortunately no hookups for RV’s thou