What is the "No Passing Rule"

  • This rule only applies to groomed slopes/runs/area.
  • The intent is that no one will get hit from behind, or have to look over their shoulder.  
  • To have a very Carve-Centric, Fun, Safe Carving event. Continuing on how the “First Tracks” at Aspen Sessions operated.  There were a few nasty collisions with so many carvers on the slopes. The “No Passing Rule” was put in place and the fun level increased.    
  • Gives riders of all abilities an equal chance at having a open run to work on their skills.
  • Downhill rider has the Right of Way. So if you are catching up to someone, please slow down or pull over to the side of the run and let the downhill rider have the lane.
  • If you are the downhill rider and want to take a break, pull over to the side of the run. 
  • If you want to “Tail Gun” your buddy, make sure you both of you are clear on what your plan is.  
  • If you are starting down a run, be sure to look uphill to avoid snaking someone’s run.  
  • On cat tracks or entries to runs please use good manners and don’t run each over other.
  • Everyone to be safe, have a ton of fun and enjoy some wide open groomers.....