David Redman (dredman)

The Rest of the Story

I grew up in Libby, MT snowboarding at Turner Mountain Ski Area. Turner Mountain is a not for profit, all volunteer managed and operated ski hill. In the 90’s I was part of the volunteer ski patrol. Some of my favorite moments snowboarding have happened at this magical place.  The community of Libby has had a declining working class since the late 80’s and Turner has suffered with a steady decrease of local skiers/snowboarders.  I really wanted to plan an event to support Libby and Turner Mountain Ski Area.   

The Alpine Carving Snowboarder group had historically met in Aspen for a week of riding, demoing boards and social events. The business that was organizing this event went bankrupt, thus no more carving event. In the spring of 2018, I met with the Turner Mountain Board of Directors to discuss a fundraiser for the ski area. My idea was to rent the entire ski area for 4 days for this group of Alpine Carvers. February of 2019 we hosted the first Montucky Clear CUT! 

 I am limiting the event to 100 participants to keep the slopes open and to give a truly Turner experience. With 100% of the registration dollars are going directly to Turner. The Turner Mountain Board of Directors are very excited for our group and what the additional dollars will bring to the future of the ski area. The community of Libby is also thrilled about influx of business in the winter.

My goals are to have a safe, fun carving event, help Turner Mountain with fund raising, support the community of Libby with additional visitors, promote the sport of Alpine Carving and to make this event sustainable for an annual occurrence.

Thank you all very much for all of your support with this event and the community of Libby.

Behind the scenes helping with this event is Anna K.  She has been relentlessly working on the graphics and social media for this event.  She is also the designer of all of the great artwork... except for my early promotional images and this web page, she said she would fix it later... I am truly grateful for her contributions, time and effort.

Special Thanks to Corey and Kathy for offering to put on the Carving Clinics!  Thank you for all your contribution to the event and sport.

My wife Kristin has also been a huge support with this event.  She has been at my side helping with planning, my sanity and implementing all that is going on.  She really wanted a Moose logo... 

I really look forward to sharing Turner and Libby with all of you!  Thank you all again for all of your support and contributions.

David Redman

David Redman mid 80's Turner Mountain

David Redman mid 80's Turner Mountain