• Next years event will be February 1-4, 2021
  • Registration opening TBD
  • Special Thanks to Prinoth for donating an extra groomer and amazing operator for the 2020 event!
  • This event would no be possible without all of the amazing participants and sponsors, Thank you so very much for joining the Montucky Clear CUT Family!

About Us


Montucky Clear CUT

Montucky = Beautiful NW Montana

Clear = Clear Slopes (the whole place is ours)

CUT = Carving Up Turner


100% of Registration Dollars go directly to Turner Mountain Non Profit 501(C)(3)

Turner is a all volunteer managed and operated community ski and snowboard area.


Most Likely the Most Fun Carving Event in North America in 2020

Demos, Clinics, Apre-activities, Games, and Dinner Party